8 Ways To Treat, Soothe And Manage Adult Acne

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When we think of acne, we think of teenagers, not adults. Sadly, however, acne can affect

Adult Acne

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anyone of any age, it just tends to be teens who suffer more. However, as adults we’re still prone to breakouts, whether you develop them on not will depend on a range of variables. Sometimes adult acne is down to genetics, other times it’s down to your skincare routine. 

Once we hit our twenties, we expect to be fending off the first signs of aging, not spots. According to recent studies, acne is fairly common among women in their twenties and thirties. It may be low-grade, but it’s still persistent, which can make life a little tricky. You may find that you have breakouts every few weeks or just every few months; it varies from person to person. The problem is that acne can severely knock your confidence, causing you to become more self-conscious.

Suffering from acne as an adult may be depressing, but the good news is that there are plenty of ways you can make dealing with it easier. For all the best advice for treating, soothing and managing adult acne, have a read of these eight tips.

Don’t Stress

Okay, so a pimple or two have shown up on your face, don’t stress else you’ll make things worse. Scientific research has shown that if we stress when we see a spot, we make it more likely that we’ll develop more. The best thing that you can do to prevent the breakout from getting worse is ensure that you’re getting eight hours of sleep each night.

To repair the skin and prevent further spots from occurring, your body needs to reduce the excess cortisol in the body. (Cortisol is a hormone that sometimes our bodies produce too much of, leading to breakouts.) To do this and help your skin regenerate a good night’s sleep is required.

Avoid Smoking

Do you smoke? If so, this could be the main cause of your breakouts. Studies have shown that the most common reason adults develop acne is because of smoking – a chemical in the smoke damages the skin. It also reduces the amount of vitamin A in your blood, making you more prone to premature aging. Surely that’s enough to convince you to quit?

To get rid of adult acne once and for all, all you may need to do is quit smoking. It might not be easy, but when your skin is beautifully smooth and wrinkle-free, you’ll realize that it was more than worth it. There’s plenty of help out there when it comes to giving up smoking, so quitting will be much easier than you think.

Use Natural Products

adult acne


A common cause of adult acne is beauty products. That’s right, the ingredients in some products – normally the ones that aren’t natural, can make you more prone to breakouts. Every skin type is different, which means that ingredients that some of us get on with, others of us may react badly to. That’s why, if you know you’re prone to breakouts, it’s best to go natural.

You should find that by swapping to natural brands like Burt’s Bees, that your skin is healthy and less acne-prone. Before buying new products, always make sure to read what’s in them. If you don’t recognize an ingredient name, Google it to find out what it is.

Cleanse and Tone Twice a Day

One of the leading causes of acne is due to bacteria on the skin – this is what causes spots to occur. Our skin is constantly exposed to bacteria, from dirt and oil to the germs on our hands, which can cause acne. While you can’t keep your skin completely free of bacteria, what you can do is cleanse it regularly to remove makeup and dirt.

Aim to wash your face with a natural, antibacterial cleanser morning and night. This will remove makeup, as well as dirt and oil that’s collected on your skin throughout the day. By keeping your skin clean, you can help to keep breakouts at bay. Once you’ve cleansed, follow with toner and a gentle moisturizer.

Don’t forget about your pores

Exfoliating Brush

When it comes to acne, far too many of us forget about our pores, but we shouldn’t do. The oil and dirt that collects in your pores can make acne worse while cleansing can help keep pores clean; that’s not all it takes.

Your best bet for preventing your pores from becoming infected is to use a cleanser containing salicylic acid. This will help to dissolve dirt and oil in the pores, preventing them from causing spots.

See a dermatologist for laser treatment

Thanks to advancements in medical technology, there are plenty of cosmetic treatments for acne. From dermal peels and microdermabrasion to laser treatment, there are various options. The treatment that works best for you will depend on the cause and severity of your acne. To find out more about your options, contact Belcara Health and arrange an appointment.

Getting treated under a dermatologist will cost you, but it could just be what you need to kick acne for good. Most clinics offer a free first appointment, so go along and discuss your options and see if they’re affordable.

Treat Topically

There are plenty of natural treatments for acne that can be incredibly effective. If you want to beat breakouts at home, invest in an antibacterial natural topical treatment. The best ones are tea tree oil, witch hazel, and aloe vera, as they are antibacterial and amazing for drying out spots.

The best way to use these natural products is by dabbing them onto areas of acne with a clean finger. Ideally, aim to apply them two to three times a day to see the full effect of them. At first, it may be a case of trial and error, working out which natural products work best for you. Give each one a go and see whether a certain one helps to alleviate breakouts.

adult acne

Eat clean and drink lots of water

Let’s start with water. If you aren’t already drinking eight glasses of water each day, it’s time to start. While water doesn’t link directly to acne, it’s essential for healthy skin. As if you don’t drink enough water, your skin will become dry and dehydrated. This can make it more prone to damage and infection, so it’s crucial that you drink lots throughout the day.

As for what you’re eating, if you want healthy skin, you need to ensure that you’re following a clean diet. Sugar and fatty and processed foods can have a bad impact on your skin, making you more prone to breakouts. That’s why it’s better to stick a clean diet of fruit, vegetables, lean meat and whole grains.

So there you have it, everything that you need to know about dealing with adult acne. It might not be a nice condition to have, but at least, you now know how to soothe and manage it.

8 Effective Ways to Treat Adult Acne

Interested in learning more about treating adult acne? Be sure to read How to Treat and Prevent Acne: Effective Solutions for Teens and Adults.

adult acne

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