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Borrowing Money? Then You Need To Understand Interest Rates (Video)

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Most of us will borrow money at some point in our lives whether it be via a credit card, student loans or a mortgage.

But what exactly is interest? And does the rate change depending on what you’re borrowing money for?

I answer those questions and more in this 64-second video.

For all of you newcomers who are just joining us, this video is part of a series called #BrokeUniversity where we break down the most important personal finance basics in 90-second videos.

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  • Michelle

    This is some great information for those that don’t know how everything works.

  • I’m not sure everyone really does understand this. What sounds like a small percentage rate can be monumental over the loan length, so it’s super important to understand it all.

  • I have to learn how to save better this year. There’s just so many things that I want to do but I’m always short because I end up spending my money on food, LOL. It’s a serious problem. I swear.

  • This is great information. Understanding what you are getting into is very important.


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